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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

And In My Mind As I Was Floating Far Above The Clouds . . .

Hello world.

Yes, it's really me. What? I made another blog post? But I haven't posted for almost a half of a year! Crazy, right? Except that it really isn't that crazy, considering life has just been crazy over all . . .

Well, here's a recap of what everyone missed.
-I lost a best friend, again. Almost a repeat of what happened last year, but I'm finally beginning to realize my mistakes.
-I am now working at JCW's, and I freaking love my job. My coworkers are literally some of the best people I know. Seriously, I wish I could stop going to school and just work there instead.
-I am in an art class that I enjoy muchly. I love art and I'm almost sure that's what I want to do for the rest of my life.
-I've gotten a better hold of my sanity. I am crashing less and feeling happier without feeling ignorant, which is a good thing.
-I'm almost beginning to find the important things in life.
-I got a 3DS and am addicted to Pokemon. Yes, this is very much a problem, yes.
-I'm starting a comic book. Well, just BARELY starting.
-I've amassed a massive collection of fantastic musical artists. (Mostly through illegal means)
-I've officially joined Reddit. Yes, this is very much a problem.

So . . . yeah. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in a comment or somethin'.
And, if you were wondering, I really do enjoy people coming to JCW's and seeing me. I cannot visit with you for more than ten or so seconds, but I really do love it when you guys come.

Well, I'm still am infatuated and can't let go, if you were at all curious.

This post was mainly just to let you guys all know that I'm back and back for a while now. Expect weekly posts at least. If I don't comply to these agreements, feel obliged to harass me through e-mail and facebook messages.

Have a great day n' shiz.

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