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Short Story Clips and Such

I was just making this one up as I go. Go ahead, critique it, it's not the best. I just felt like writing something adventurous.

I knew I wasn't supposed to be here.
In the black of night, my blue body was hidden almost too perfectly. I stared through the dense forest shroud, feeling as if the trees were closing in, falling, as though gravity centered around me. The ice bitten fog oozed and blanketed the forest floor as it crept along like an insect army. The scene was phenomenal.
I could hear my nike sneakers compress the bare dirt as I walked. I was trying ever so hard to be silent. Each footstep brought a nerve-wrenching crunch. Each footstep was so hard to make, the physical exertion felt overbearing as I tried to move without making any sound.
As I was slowly making my way to who knows where, I stopped.
Something moved.
Something was there.
My life was at risk and I knew it. I did my best to stay still. I drew in my breath, ever so silently, and held it. My body made no movements. I strained to keep in my air. Each second passed by so slowly, and my lungs were burning from the burden held within them. But I could not let my air escape. I held my stance. The pale blue moonlight shone of the forest shrubs, reflecting menacingly off of the leaves and plant life, creating a tempting and smooth evilness. Fear was wrenching my mind. My lungs....about to burst....my pale blue skin sticking out from my trench coat. I was different, but that wasn't holding me back now.
My lungs....the pain....
I let that one cough slip, and immediately a hooded figure shot out from the bushes like a lightning strike. Then another dark-hooded figure. And another. They were striking their positions everywhere around me. One drew out a sheath.
I knew it.
The Favron.
My mind raced. I did the one thing that I knew how to do.
I let out a piercing scream. The hooded figures crouched in blackening pain as my shriek shrouded their minds. The one with the sheath held back, and began to walk toward me. I stopped my scream in a dead silence.
And the earth rumbled.
The earth obeyed my command, and tore open. Fire lashed out from the growing fissure. The fissure grew everywhere that I wasn't. Several hooded figures tried to run, but the fire enveloped their shadow robes, and they fell into the bottomless crack. The figure with the sheath stood his ground, but crumbled and dropped into the abyss just like the others. Fear was everywhere, noise splitting the quiet knight like shattering glass.
But as soon as the black figures were all engulfed by the flames, the earth closed itself back up once more.
And everything was as it was. The staring moon was still in it's place, the silence returned, and the dark blackness was as covering as it ever was. But this time, I had nothing to fear.
Except for the fear that the Favron now knew who I was. And that was a risk I could not take.

The storms were blowing in upon a blissful air, a warmth that brought an evil joy to my soul. I could smell the rain about to fall. The wind was harassing my cloak, whipping around cautiously. The long gray hairs that lined my head began to billow in the dusty wind, just as the frail blades of grass did so. The rushing air brought a calmness about, a cold and strong feeling. A sense of renewal, a sense of refreshment.
I lift my arms to feel the fantastic power of the wind. The dark covering of clouds shadowed the sun, bringing a powerful dullness about the world and its color.
I close my eyes. I breathe in the fresh air that is full of nature and fear through my nose. The crispness filled my lungs with fire and strength. I could feel my muscles tighten everywhere as my mind focused.
I focused on the wind.
The rushing wind.
The grabbing wind.
My eyes flash open, I could feel power surging as I tensed and stared straight ahead. My eyes bulged with a sense of pain. My fists are clenched and shaking, my arms held perpendicular to the sky. The barren sky.
My eyes beheld the world as it flashed before me.
I close my eyes. Relaxed.
And lightning flashes.