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Monday, May 6, 2013

I Wish There Was Something Inside Me To Keep You Beside Me

There are those few seconds that I look at myself, and all that I am. I look at who I was even just five years ago.
And all of the changes that have happened . . .

What have I done to myself?

What happened to the years where I was shocked beyond belief when someone had held hands with someone?
Now, I hear of sex and not a second thought goes through my mind.
What happened to the days where innocence was something I had yet didn't treasure?
Now, I know of my stains and I wish I could wash them away.

Everyone speaks of second chances, but where are they when the opportune time has passed?
I would give you money for that,
Is there some way I could back?

Well, enough of that.

I'm sick of being mopey. Someone stole $50 bucks from my brother. So the past few days have been this small fiasco on how we need to be "watching our friends like hawks" and stuff. I just think it's so dumb and sad. I've stolen money before, and I cannot tell you how guilty I felt. I just find it interesting how people can live with that, or sometimes not even feel it. I feel so bad for Jared, too, because that was his birthday money. :( Dark days in the Anderson house.

So remember when I said that I loved school?





Well, all in all, I just wish I were a super-hero so bad. Or even a super-villain would be awesome. I often dream of me and my friends as a legendary superhero team. It's usually what helps me sleep at night, actually.

Now, the eve approaches, and I feel as though my presence is no longer required.

these empty words
resound in the chasms of my lungs
and burn through my eyes
eyes dry like the stone walls
these empty feelings
bloomed into beauty.
they say it is darkness.

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