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Monday, April 29, 2013

*No Line Here Because My Parents Took My Zune*

More than anything, I really just want to rant about all of this stupid crap that's going on in my life right now.
And by stupid crap, and mean really stupid crap. Really. Stupid.

I am currently unable to listen to music through a portable device as a punishment, which is killing me more than I would have realized. It is nearly impossible for me to do math without homework, and so my grades aren't so hot. Which only creates EVEN MORE tension between me and my parents, which overall degrades on my very will to live and love. Plus, it doesn't help that so much is happening besides that. So much. You would think that it would stop at school and parental problems, but no! Of course it doesn't! So much that's happening . . .

I don't think people understand how much I actually hate the general 'people.' Actually, I take that back. I mainly just hate teenagers, but adults can fall into that 'people' category as well. But everyone is just so ignorant and selfish . . . So absorbed in what they want and what they think they "need." If you notice, teenagers only do things for the benefit of themselves. I know of very few instances where a teen has been truly selfless.

Well, it's not just teens, either.

Everyone, generally, just ignores how others feel. I hate it. I hate it so much. And more than I should, I get a very strong urge to deck people in the face and knock 'em out cold.

I'm just hating everything.

No music.

My parents don't even trust me.

My parents want money from me.

My life over-all is a wreck.

Sorry for all of this that I'm putting out to all of you guys.

Negativity generates negativity, but I need to get it out somehow.

I apologize again.


  1. Hang in there Brett. Maybe it would help to look at the people around you that ARE selfless? And the little ways they are. Sometimes I get on a down spiral and think the same things but then I try to focus on the way different people do things for others. It is usually different then how I would do it, but it is still selfless. Some people smile at everyone, some people hug, some people open the door for others, some people notice when someone is down and ask them how they are doing. Then there is the stuff we don't see: Praying for others, little acts of anonymous sevice and all the people that are thinking of others. I understand the teenage life is more selfish then other times in life, but I try to not judge someone for the four worst years of their life :) I definitly wouldn't want to be defined by those years ha ha. Love you Brett, and I think about you every day, and wonder how your day is going, and how you are feeling. I'm always here for you bud :)

  2. I agree with Heidi. Unfortunately, we are all a bunch of idiots, but we also all have a bit of God in us as well. I've noticed with people that you can find whatever you are looking for, seriously. So if you are looking to see if those around you are selfish, they will be. If you are looking to see if those around you are doing amazing selfless things, they will be. I've also noticed that when I am in a difficult place, like say, being pregnant and having crazy hormones running through my body, I tend to think everyone is being rude and doesn't like me etc. Then, months later after having a baby, I think those same people are great and don't remember why they bugged me. THEY didn't change, just me. I don't doubt that those around you are selfish, but I also don't doubt that if you look for the good in them you will find that as well. I see lots of good in you, and love you lots, and hope that things start looking up soon, you are in my prayers every day :).