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Desperate for attention.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Light Behind Your Eyes

So many things that are changing about the way I think . . .

I guess I'm not alone.

I am not alone.

There's no "I guess" about it.

All I can say about is that I had a weekend full of eye-opening experiences. I let go. I let loose the monster inside me to only discover that the monster is me, and that it's a good thing. For the longest time, I was told I couldn't do this and I couldn't do that, but now I understand. There's a time for everything.

I am Brett Anderson.
Rebel at Heart.
Student in disguise.

I've been feeling empty all of my life. Feeling this hole that I thought could never be filled.
But now,
that hole has started to fill.
With something beautiful.

I still don't quite know where I'm headed.
But maybe that place is good.

The world is ugly.
But there are things beautiful to me. And even though the good things are hard to see sometimes, I can promise you that they are there. My heart aches for those who feel dark and alone, because, more than anything, I want to hold them tight and tell them that they are not, and they never will be. There is gold inside of all of us. There is gold inside all of us. There is gold inside all of us.

There is gold inside you.

You are beautiful.
And no one can tell you that you are less than that.

There is gold inside of you.
Because you are golden.

The world can't exist without the shadow and the hero.
You cannot exist without the shadow inside of you and the hero inside of you.

If I could be with you tonight, I would sing you to sleep,
never let them take the light behind your eyes.

And if I ever fall into that all-too familiar darkness, pull me out.
Because I can't do it alone.

None of us can.


  1. I really needed to hear that. Brett, you just are fantastic. Thank you. More than I can express.

  2. Awesome Post. no one is ever really alone